Monday, 22 August 2011

This is Lindsay Johns. He claims to be a negro. In fact, he obsesses about it. He has carved out a journalistic career pontificating on 'black' issues. Read this pitiful screed on whether Britain will ever have a black Prime Minister. I had read a few of his lame articles before but never actually seen a picture of him. So I was utterly gobsmacked when I finally did see one today.

What kind of negro this? An Ali G type negro? Do you think he would pass muster in the streets of Kinshasa or Soweto, or do you think he would get beaten up by the local blacks to get revenge for the British empire or some other grave historical humiliation that Europeans have inflicted on the negro populations of the world?

Is this what David Starkey meant when he said the whites have become black?
With charisma and presence, Lindsay is keen to share his passionately held beliefs with a wide audience.

Able to switch from highbrow Ciceronian eloquence to vernacular patois and back again in the same sentence, Lindsay can reach a multiplicity of audiences.
Lindsay Johns must be some kind of tragic Drexl figure, a whiteboy who thinks he is black. If you don't know who Drexl is, here's a scene from True Romance.


Joe Daniels said...

I don't care what colour his skin might or might not be, his article on whether we might have a black prime minister makes a lot of good points. For example, how does the BBC playing rap on Radio 1 Xtra mean that it's engaging with black people? Where's the black radio 4?

Race is a chimera with a sinister history related to slavery and population control. The moment we realising we're all in the same boat - and facing the coming storm - the better.

Ella Fitz said...

DO you actually know where his father is from and what he looks like? I suggest you do some more research in to your subject and look further than the picture.

Anonymous said...

this picture is better

Anonymous said...

current(the majority) white south african not resemble their ancestors!the old Boers had big eyes, thin nose, narrow and fulfilled skull
current white south african have small eyes, short and wide nose, flat and wide skull!
current soth african have the Khoisan blood!

called Afrikaners (also known as Boers or The White Tribe), are descendants of South Africa's earliest European immigrants, including mainly the Dutch, but also French, Germans, and Scottish. What is not so much acknowledged, is that up to 7% (and no less than 5%) of Afrikaner ancestry comes from non-whites. The earliest European settlers in the Dutch Cape Colony were mostly men. Since for the first century there were scarcely any European women available, Dutch colonists resorted to taking Khoikhoi and slave women (West Africans, Malays, and Indians) as concubines, and in many cases as wives. The result was that most colonial born Dutch had a European father and non-white mother. When the mixed-race or "Coloured" females became women, new arrivals to the colony took them as wives or concubines, resulting in the eventual "whitening" of the mixed-race offspring, until they became indistinguishable from white. It was not until up into the 18th century that the sex ratio amongst the settlers improved. By then, much coloured ancestry had entered the "white" Afrikaner genepool.

Arthur Kemp alleges that only 6% of Afrikaners have mixed ancestry. This is a deliberate misinterpretation of the genetic data. It's 6% of Afrikaner GENES, that are of non-white origin, not 6% of Afrikaner people. The same genetic data Arthur Kemp misinterprets, states that the Afrikaner genepool is 40% Dutch, 40% German, 7% French, and 7% Scottish. Does this mean that the Afrikaner population is composed of 40% Dutch, 40% Germans, 7% Scots, and 7% French? It would sound silly that all these elements represented individual ethnic personages and not genes but according to Arthur Kemp, it is so. But the reality is 6% of over all Afrikaner genes are non-white.

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