Tuesday, 16 August 2011

In Montreuil (suburb of Paris), 230 squatters were kicked out of their squat a couple of weeks ago. They now march every Saturday to demand that they be given legal status and free houses by the state.

Source: Le Parisien


F***W*T TW****R said...


FireHead said...

They should demand their "rights" in their own countries. Why don't they do that?

Anonymous said...

In their own countries they would be shot and killed. Here they know the leaders are weak women, so they can demand outrageous things like this, since they're illegal the Police should go in and arrest them all, instead this farce continues.

Anonymous said...

We have a banaladesi migrant who worked here in the England for 3 months, said he pulled his back and has been on the sick for 30 years. He has 13 kids, and 7 houses, he only did 3 months work in his life and that was to get onto the benefits system. You couldn'tmake it up, he has 100k of hard working tax payers money in his bank :( Politicians talk about cultural differences, they are so dam right, most of us native to England want to work and have to, they see benefits system as a gold mine, we see it as a saftey net.

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