Tuesday, 23 August 2011
Teachers at the Heinrich-Mann school in Neukölln, Berlin, have written a letter to the Berlin senator responsible for education complaining about increasing "lack of respect, readiness to commit violence, and actual commission of violence" in their school. Even teachers are being insulted and threatened with violence, they say.

The letter goes on to describe an "increased contempt for the school as an institution (destruction of furniture, litter thrown on to the floor, urinating on stairs)". Among pupils there is "little willingness to learn" and an "inadequate knowledge of German", even among those of German background.

The teachers complain they feel "exhausted and frustrated" and their staff resources are at an end.

Neukölln is one of the most heavily Muslim-colonised parts of Germany.

Source: Der Spiegel


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder what really goes on inside the brains of muslims!?

With my reason ofcourse I know they are directed by islam and the war against the infidel the quran declares, but still, come on muslims...

There is a lot of talk about "stealth jihad", but that the muslims are on one insane rampage in the West, even the most brainwashed multiculti-freak knows.

They are losing friends fast and what will they do when the center-left no longer can protect them?

I know europeans are as soft as snot, but even this most degrading weakness has its limits and muslims are reaching for them with both arms.

When it comes to survival we are all animals and I think that muslims will learn this the hard way.

The real tragedy is that they could without any problems have become fully accepted citizens of the countries they now try to conquer and colonise. But they turned that golden opportunity down in order to satisfy the hate of a long dead criminal named Muhammad.

How shameful and stupid.

Ralph Lynn said...

Anon - that's where the blame lies - with the multiculti-freaks.

Whatever submitters get up to, they are just being themselves. The true enemies of the West are the marxist infected politicians, bureaucrats, media idiots, ngos, dhimmi church leaders, trans-national corporations, the EU, UN etc who for the last x decades have brought this disaster on their own peoples.

Focus your ire on the top brass, draw attention to their treason and monumental idiocy and love your family, love your history, love your land.

Anonymous said...

Anon, probably this:

And this:

they're cursed savages.

Anonymous said...

@Ralp Lynn

I have enough ire for the top brass and the muslims both!

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