Monday, 15 August 2011

A family of refugees has moved into a £2 million home in one of the country’s most exclusive neighbourhoods at taxpayers’ expense. Unemployed Saeed Khaliif is being handed almost £8,000 a month to pay the rent on his house, one of the most expensive ever to be funded by housing benefit.

The Somali refugee, 49, demanded to be moved to the six-bedroom property in West Hampstead, North-West London, with his wife Sayida and their children after deciding their previous accommodation was inadequate.

It is unclear how many children the family have—but up to eight youngsters have been seen at the property. When approached by The People, Mr Khaliif said: ‘This is my house. We’ve got every right to live here.’

Residents in the street reacted angrily to the family’s move. An architect in her 20s said: ‘It’s just not fair, we have worked so hard to get where we are. We only just manage to pay the £3,000 rent on our flat and they have that property for nothing.’—Daily Mail


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