Thursday, 25 August 2011

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the emir of Dubai, plans to build the world's third-largest mosque at the Plaza de Toros in Barcelona. This is currently a famous bull-ring, known as the Monumental, which is a significant work of architecture (admittedly in a neo-Moorish style) in its own right. Last year, the Catalan government voted to ban bull-fighting, however, and it should cease completely by 2012, with the bull ring forced to shut down.

The emir of Dubai has presented proposals to transform the bull-ring into the world's third-largest mosque after those in Mecca and Medina. The plans envisage a prayer room that could accommodate 40,000 people, an open air gathering place for 80,000 people, a conference room, a museum of Islamic history and art, a centre for research on the history of Al Andalus (Muslim-ruled Spain), a restaurant, shops and a centre for Koranic studies.

It is clear the Muslims have marked Spain for recolonisation, following the Muslim precept that once territory is part of the Dar al-Islam, it should never again be allowed to fall into infidel hands.

It is estimated construction would cost 2,200 million euros. This is particularly surreal in view of the fact that this emir ran up extraordinary debts building up his own pseudo-city in its recent construction boom. Once western banks had lent him the money to pay western construction companies to do the building, however, he simply disowned the debts. Because he had arranged the whole thing through front companies, it did not trigger sovereign default or affect his own personal wealth. The debts had been incurred by these front companies on the understanding that the sovereign wealth of Dubai stood behind them, but when it came to the crunch, they were disavowed.

This Dubai construction boom episode probably amounts to what was, in effect, the biggest Muslim wealth-plundering razzia since the sack of Byzantium. But now this epic Muslim con artist wants to do some more damage to the infidels by putting down a marker for the Muslim re-colonisation of Spain!

Source: Alerta Digital


Mullah Lodabullah said...

Has the Catalan government also banned kuffar killing?

StringFellowHawk said...

Something is wrong witeuropean school systems they aregrowing stupid generation that is commiting cultural and demographical suicide and has no brain to realise what Islam is doing in Europe.

be4real said...

I DONT GET IT!! its a BEAUTIFUL BUILDING! make it a museum about BULLFIGHTING - and even so i STILL dont get it - you dont have to KILL the bull so horridly - the whole "dance" is whats so FANTASTIC TO WATCH - so just do the whole gorgeous routine and in the end "stab" the bull with a shallow small non-lethal blade or needle in the back muscle and see if the matador can 'wave' him out the arena with the cape thru an open door - i would pay to see THAT - i'm a tourist of spain and i NEVER went to a bullfight BECAUSE of the inhumane way the animal was treated - but the beauty and FACSINATING "dance" of it i would LOVE TO SEE - just without the animal abuse -

be4real said...

and wats up with that guy from morocco (or was it turkey?) trying to start an islamic political party in spain?? spain better add an amendment to its constitution that states NO political parties based on religious idiologies may run for office based on religious beliefs - some sort of separation in religious affiliation and politics - of course that can always work both ways and go against some big catholic coalitions - but hey - better to ensure freedom for all instead of freedom for those that endorse taking freedoms AWAY - really fine line and one that only some big constituttional lawyers or some organizaton can figure out - i look at those countries like spain that have "kings and queens" and wonder WHY dont they try to get some protections in place protecting THEIR PEOPLE - islamic influences are working HARD to take over western cultures using our own politics and our own political "freedoms" -

Anonymous said...

Islam means peace n ONLY islam is the true religion why worry because of a mosque built in spain ?no one will push u to go n pray so u fools get alive wake up there r churches in muslim lands n more r coming up do u hear muslims complaining?no because there is freedom of religion after all its the same God we are all praying

Barcelona Dubai said...

Dubai emir wants to be a big mosque build in Europe country Barcelona.Islam fastly growing in Europion country.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous: Islam does not mean peace, it means submission. It is today's most oppressive ideology. Wherever it takes control, that place becomes un-liveable. I am an ex-muslim so I know what I am talking about.

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