Saturday, 6 August 2011
The world, particularly the western world, looks to be teetering on the brink of another economic meltdown, possibly one that is much more serious and prolonged than the unravelling that followed the financial collapse a few years ago. Many commentators are talking of a sustained period of almost no economic growth, as Japan has been experiencing for some time.

Although this will be unpleasant, it may actually be a good thing. The destructive ideologues now in charge of the western world are intent on committing genocide against their own people. Nothing, it seems, can stop them. Although Counterjihad parties have begun to make inroads into the political scene here and there, only in Austria and France is there a real prospect of their attaining power any time soon.

The Utopians are so entranced by their own ideology that they don't even perceive it as an ideology. They think of it as normality. Even as their governments totter on the edge of bankruptcy, they still indulge their sense of grandiosity by making lavish foreign aid payments to the undeveloped world. It may be that total economic collapse is the only thing that can bring these people to their senses.

Ever since the Enlightenment, European civilisation has been enraptured by the idea of progress. There is a general assumption that things will always get better: that people will continually become more free, more enlightened and more rich. Of course any country being colonised by Muslims is eventually going to discover that this is not so. In his book Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab (Germany is Unmaking Itself), Thilo Sarrazin predicted that, because of demographic changes, real economic growth would shortly come to an end in Germany. Economic collapse, resulting in a prolonged period of economic stagnation, might bring this realisation home even sooner. When the idea of continual progress is killed off, popular and even elite attitudes to immigration and islamification may change.

The crisis may also deliver a deathblow to the European Union. Since the EU is the Utopian project par excellence, and has become a significant facilitator of islamification, this is welcome.

The people of Europe are well-educated, imaginative and enterprising. In the long term those characteristics will ensure prosperity. Economic implosion is something that can be recovered from. Japan and Germany quickly bounced back after WW2. Demographic warfare, of the kind we are now being subjected to by our deranged governments, is not something that can easily be recovered from, however. If economic collapse brings the demographic warfare to an end, we should see it as a good thing.


Johnny Rottenborough said...

Funny how things turn out. In the years when the British economy seemed to be thriving, I sometimes had serious doubts whether people would wake up in time to confront the threats of immigration, Islam and demographics before we were overwhelmed. Now, with economic hardship beckoning, I’m more optimistic. The idea of Muslims being scapegoated and driven out of the country is not appealing—I wish there were a more humane solution—but the only way to rid ourselves of Islam is to rid ourselves of Muslims. The end justifies the means.

Dr. Drej23 said...

It takes a crash to ignite a fire.

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