Tuesday, 16 August 2011
Leaders of the ethnically British community today called for calm as a 16-year-old was charged at Croydon Crown Court with murdering 68-year-old British pensioner Richard Bowes during the rioting last week. Amid widespread fears that the ethnic British community would go on a violent killing spree to avenge the pensioner's death, Prime Minister David Cameron called for calm. "Violence isn't the answer," said Cameron. "There has been enough bloodshed."

Ethnically British people from across the South of England are believed to be converging on London tonight, demanding "justice" for those responsible for Bowes' death. Tensions are running high, and police fear there may be outbreaks of intercommunal violence.

Of course the above is nonsense. It's not a real news report. I just made it up. There is no danger that the ethnic British will go on a violent killing spree to avenge the death of Richard Bowes.

But it highlights an interesting aspect of the gushing praise that was lavished on Tariq Jahan last week after his son was killed during the rioting. The fact that Muslims were likely to go on a violent killing spree in response to the deaths, had Tariq Jahan not successfully calmed them, just seems to be taken for granted. It is regarded as "normal" that when a person from a third-world ethnic group dies, fellow members of his ethnic group will go out rioting, bashing and killing in response. Is this state of affairs not something that deserves to be deplored rather than praised or simply accepted?


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