Thursday, 25 August 2011

Alexander Segert, the talented advertising specialist behind the "Bye Bye Mosque" flash game that was used to great effect by the Austrian Freedom Party (FPO), has been subjected to an arson attack at his home in Switzerland.

A vehicle, pictured above, was set on fire outside his home. According to the fire brigade, emergency personnel were only narrowly able to prevent it spreading to the building where Segert, his wife, children and guests were staying.

Segert is the genius behind many of the Swiss People's Party's famous advertising campaigns and posters. A few of his greatest hits are featured below.

Because information about the incident, along with helpful address details in case anyone wanted to carry out any more violence, was posted on the left-wing Indymedia site before police had made any details of it public, it is strongly suspected that far-left militants were behind the attack.

Source: Unzensuriert


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