Sunday, 7 August 2011
Belgium has granted asylum to a Moroccan terrorist who was convicted in 2006 of sending jihadist fighters to Iraq and was also linked to the bombings in Madrid.

The Belgian government tried to block this application and the General Council for Refugees and Stateless Persons eventually rejected it because of his terrorist background. However, the terrorist appealed to the Conseil du Contentieux des Etrangers, an appeal tribunal that can rule on disputes related to the legal status of foreigners resident in Belgium.

The terrorist argued that because he faced a risk of torture, his human rights would be violated if he was sent home.

The Tribunal ruled favourably on his appeal and granted him refugee status. In its judgement, it said that being a former terrorist was not sufficient grounds for the denial of asylum.



DisgruntledPessimist said...

His human rights? What about his victims and their rights? He's probably going to be tortured in his country because he didn't blow himself up for his alah.

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