Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Austrian newspaper Die Presse reports on what it calls "right-wing extremists":
Im Stadtteil Enfield soll es zu rechtsextremen Protesten gekommen sein, als große Gruppen von Männern durch die Straßen zogen und "England, England" skandierten.

In the Enfield district there are said to have been protests from right-wing extremists, as large groups of men moved through the streets shouting "England, England".

The clip above clearly shows a group of people in Enfield shouting "England, England". Do Europeans become right-wing extremists now merely for manifesting normal patriotic emotions?

Source: Die Presse

This video shows the same group.

One of the comments to this video reads:
I was there last night and it was actually a diverse group of people, I'd say about 60% white and 40% various other ehtnic backgrounds from young teens to middle aged and older. Everyone was just chatting a getting to know each other for a lot of the night.
We were speaking wiht police at times and they seemed on the whole happy to see us out. One was even thanking us


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