Monday, 8 August 2011

The American Tea Party activist Taylor Rose is to attend an anti-islamisation demonstration in Berlin on 28/8/2011. This should prove interesting. The mainstream right in Britain, as represented by, say, the Daily Telegraph, has been extremely indulgent of the Tea Party. Dhimmi bloggers like Daniel Hannan have been virtually unstinting in its praises. At the same time, the right-wing establishment in Britain has been contemptuous of comparable maverick conservative movements in Britain and Europe, such as the EDL.

Much of this is down to simple class prejudice, I believe. The EDL, to them, are a bunch of filthy proletarians, while the Tea Party at least has the cachet of the America they are so enraptured by. Now that the Tea Party is hooking up with European Counterjihad movements like Pro Deutschland, it will be interesting to see whether the attitude of the British establishment right now shifts to be less supportive of the Tea Party or more supportive of the Counterjihad.

Source: Pro Deutschland


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