Monday, 1 August 2011

African immigrants have gone on the rampage in Bari, Italy, blocking roads and a railway line, setting things on fire and attacking police and passers-by with iron bars.

The Africans were being housed at an immigration centre in the town, which has now been set on fire. They are demanding that they be recognised as refugees and given legal status. Although the flag being held up in the photograph is Tunisian, the person holding it does not look Tunisian. Most likely the Africans have simply latched on to Tunisia as the "plausible conflict du jour" thanks to the Tunisian revolution.

Road and rail traffic has been severely affected by the rioting. Many trains have been cancelled.

Around 30 people are said to have been injured in the African rampage, including police and innocent bystanders. The Africans blocked a bus that was passing through then attacked it and wrecked it. They also attacked a television crew that wanted to interview them so they could explain their grievances.

Sources: Novopress, Corriere Della Serra

Look at these photographs. Is this Africa or Europe?


Anonymous said...

Where's the italian ultras when you need them?

Anonymous said...

Why are they not shot by the police???
Why are their corpses not in body bags yet?
Fucking shit africans.
Where ever they go there is big trouble.
Sink their boats damned!

Anonymous said...

So glad we Europeans are able to help these poor bastards. They always show good will, excellent citizenship and are the best known example of how people can live together in peace and prosperity. They truly are a valuable addition to our society, an enrichment to our culture and therefor we should all embrace their presence.
/irony mode off

Anonymous said...

WTF? Is there any police in Italy? Put the bastards on a barge and send them back to their Bananias!

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