Sunday, 14 August 2011
Naive whites are the ones who get caught:
The intelligence source also said: “Gangs from Feltham and Hammersmith and Fulham were involved in the Ealing looting. The kids we’ve seen going through the courts are the naive ones — not streetwise enough to cover their faces and avoid getting caught.”

London gangs being Africanised:
One of the most dangerous to emerge in recent years is the GAS Gang, from Brixton. It is made up of former members of the more established Peel Dem Crew, who became frustrated at not being promoted.

John Pitts, a criminologist at the University of Bedfordshire and director of the Vauxhall Centre for the Study of Crime, said: “This is a feature we are beginning to see in London gangs that is potentially very dangerous. You are now seeing younger gang members willing to have a pop at their elders.

“It may sound hard to believe, but five years ago the older members of the street gangs kept some kind of order.

“These new groupings are very volatile. There are even reports that this gang has recently got its hands on Mac-10 machineguns, which is very worrying.” Pitts added: If you look at the names emerging, you see more African names. We are seeing kids who are from war zones like Somalia getting involved.
Source: Sunday Times (£)


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