Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Italian authorities have been acting like good little dhimmis and rushing to appease their rioting African guests. In return for the promise of a meeting today with various Italian government ministers, the Africans graciously agreed to "suspend hostilities". [This was the exact term used.] They were given a written commitment that this meeting would take place. If they got no satisfaction, they warned, they would resume the violence.

So far 80 people have been injured in the African rampage, including policemen, firemen and civilian passers-by.

History shows that appeasement often produces more aggression. And so it has proved in Italy. The African "asylum seeker" revolt has spread to another camp occupied by Somalis in Crotone, Calbria. The Somalis were apparently in touch with the Africans in Bari via mobile phone. Yes, it seems these poor "refugees" have mobile phones.

The Somalis are now rioting just as the other Africans in the Bari camp were. So far they have injured five policemen, one of whom is said to be in a serious condition. Like the Africans in Bari, the Somalis are demanding that they be recognised as political refugees.

Sources: Novopress, Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno


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