Monday, 22 August 2011

In Spain the Catholic charity Cáritas gives help - in the form of food, drink and clothes - to those in need. It places particular emphasis on charity for immigrants, about half of whom it admits are unemployed illegal immigrants. The charity has also begun to intervene in political debates, denouncing native Spaniards for being "racist" and "xenophobic".

Its constant agitation for the immigration cause is causing many former supporters to become disillusioned with it. One of these is Juan Carlos Trujillo, who volunteered with the organisation for years before finally breaking with it over what he saw as its excessive support for foreigners. He accuses the charity of acting as a magnet for immigrants.
“We see them lying in the street, without money or work and we ask them: why stay in Spain? Well, it's because they have guaranteed subsistence from Cáritas. We calculate that, if it hadn't been for Cáritas, more than a million immigrants would have returned to their countries of origin”, explains Trujillo, who, however, dissociates himself from any xenophobic attitude. “Properly handled charity should begin at home”, he explains.
Source: AlertaDigital


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