Saturday, 23 July 2011
It is clear that Anders Behring Breivik is one of us. Unlike the Muslims, I'm not going to play some absurd, dishonest game in the "he's not a true Muslim" mould. His opinions are virtually identical to my own and those of most people in the Counterjihad movement. He accesses the same websites and information sources that most of us do, and he has exactly the same concerns about the Islamification of Europe.

There is no doubt the deranged Left is going to have a field day with this. For years, they have been trying to talk up the threat of right-wing terrorism and to put it on a par with jihad terrorism. The principal problem for them was that there was almost no far-right terrorism worth speaking of, as Breivik pointed out himself in one of his comments. Now he has delivered it.

We can expect more stern warnings about the dangers of Islamophobia, more strident calls for the suppression of free speech, and more legal restrictions on internet freedom.

But here's why the Left - if they were honest, and of course they're not, but I'll say it anyway - shouldn't be gloating too much.

Reading through Anders Behring Breivik's comments on the website, it's clear that he was on the verge of giving up on democracy. (Most of the comments were posted in late 2009, some in 2010; the latest was in October 2010.) That's what drove him to despair and to an act of apocalyptic violence. He felt there was a conspiracy among the media and political elite to suppress any derogatory information about Muslims or mass immigration. And, of course, he was right. He dwelt on instances of Muslim rioting that were being ignored by the mass media. And he was right about that too. The media does tend to ignore Muslim wrong-doing for as long as humanly possible, then when it becomes too extreme to be ignored, describes the perpetrators as "Asians", "Islamists", "les jeunes", etc. Breivik made the point that democracy only works in an information environment that is honest.

He was particularly struck by the Andrew Neather revelations about the Labour government's conspiracy to flood Britain with immigrants in order to "rub the right's nose in diversity." The left rubbed Breivik's nose in diversity and he rubbed theirs back in blood. Well done Neather. Well done Blair. Well done Rusbridger.

It is the left-wing that is responsible for this outrage, not the right-wing. This act of violence is the consequence of a deranged political elite attempting to demographic re-engineer an entire continent against the wishes of its people; exploiting imperfections in the democratic system so that the people are never allowed a real choice; passing laws to criminalise free speech so that honest discussion is scarcely possible any more; and a media conspiracy (embodied in laws or informal agreements like the NUJ Guidelines on Race Reporting) to systematically suppress information about the negative consequences mass third-world immigration, and particularly the Muslim component of it, is having on Europe.

So as the BBC, the Guardian and the EU Commission prepare their denunciations of this attack with a glee disguised as righteous indignation, they should reflect on the part they played in bringing it about.


Ralph Lynn said...

This tragedy will be used by the protectors of our post-racial future.

This murderers actions my well precipitate further, greater tragedies.

The war of ideas may well become a war ON ideas as a direct result of his unhinged deeds.

I visted little green footballs for the first time today. How can they let the fjordman slurs stand? It is a potty mouthed pit of hate. There certainly is a long way to go in the war of ideas.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Right now we need more lawyers who will fight openly for us. This can be small steps. We need to be able to find lawyers who will represent our side with zeal. I don't want to go to a law firm to oppose some diversity thing, and the assistants are from those countries. I don't want to to go an intellectual property law firm, and the lawyer with a Ph.D. is from China. I want to keep my IP. Fighting diversity laws etc is part of this. There is money to be made from fighting diversity.

We need to push what we do one more step from where we are, not jump so many steps all at once that we go over a cliff.

ADB said...


ADB said...


Got a question for you. I wrote a comment in Torygraph to the effect that this bloke could set back nationalism in Norway and elsewhere for ages - leading of course, to a far greater body count on young Norweigans as the immigrant invasion is allowed to progress. Do you agree with that assessment? I must say that when I discovered this act was from "one of our own", it was a kick in the guts.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

@ADB Of course that may well be. But if that's the case, and since those are the conditions that drove Breivik to do what he did, we can expect many more Breiviks in future.

It could break either way though. In the 70s, Enoch Powell once spoke about the "gearing effect of terrorism", about how it drives governments to suddenly sympathise and seek to understand the motivation of the perpetrators, propelling their cause into the spotlight.

It certainly seems to have had that effect for the jihadists. Maybe it will for the Counterjihadists too.

F***W*T TW****R said...

Governments are the easiest organisations to succumb to the Stockholm effect. Except maybe universities.

StephenDeVoy said...

I would characterize your article as a terrorist sympathizer article. Basically, your position is that Anders committed an act of terrorism against the left because the left deserved it. There is no difference between you and what you claim to oppose.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

His concerns were valid. The fact that he expressed them in an atrocious way doesn't change that.

ADB said...

@CZ Thanks for the reply. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Every Muslim atrocity has been greeted with calls to "reach out" and "engage" with the Muslim community, and even blame Westerners for alienating immigrants. Somehow, I don't think we will get a similar call to understand Breivik's motives in the Guardian. Still, I don't think what the press is saying is important anymore, it's what people make of it all.

Anonymous said...

so disrespectful. from a Norwegian feeling sad

Anonymous said...

Have any of you the guts to argue from your point of view and make the debate in public - under real name, or is it only behind a nick on Internet?

ADB said...

@Anonymous: Breivig appeared to target the Labour Party, who have sought to quash anyone pointing out politically incorrect truths like the number of Norweigan girls raped by Third World immigrants. Thereby allowing those rapes to continue. Why weren't you jumping up and down about that?

Anonymous said...

Her skirt was too short so she deserved it. Nice mentality guys..indeed you are very different from those you hate hehe

Anonymous said...

You brave men slaughtering kids. I'm so proud of you (irony)

Anonymous said...

fuck you

Teun said...

This is so incredibly short-sighted it pains me to read it. Don't you think Muslim terrorists feel exactly the same way as Anders? They too feel like they were left no choice by society, whether it's a society overseas or their own. It's just ideas vs ideas, and that turns into hate vs hate all too easily, like you are doing on this website. This is not the left-wing's fault, and it isn't the right-wing's either. This is one individual's fault, like every act of violence it is commited by a PERSON or maybe a group of persons. All that we can do is try to forge our society into a better one, one that's more accomadating for EVERYONE, untill one day no one will see a reason for hate or violence. Please help us forge this society, and stop spewing hate on this website.


Cheradenine Zakalwe said...


You're right that this incident throws up interesting parallels between Muslims and Counterjihadists. There are three key differences, however.

The first is that no one has actually advocated or endorsed this kind of violence in the Counterjihad movement, whereas Islamic texts do give clear sanction to violence.

The second is that the Muslims are an alien element within European societies, while Breivik is not. Their violence is aggressive in the sense that they want to change the nature of the societies they have come to live in; while his violence, however twisted, is, at some level, defensive. He wishes to preserve his country from the aggressive transformation it is being subjected to.

The third is the element of democracy. The grievances nurtured by Muslims are shared only by a tiny few. They have no democratic legitimacy. Their terrorism represents an attempt to force the views of a minority on a majority.

Breivik's feelings about immigration and multiculturalism are shared by a much larger number of people, however, probably a majority. Yet those views are ignored by an out-of-touch elite. His violence represents an attempt to get the power-wielding minority to listen to the views of the majority.

However wonderful you think a policy supporting immigration and multiculturalism may be, it has no moral legitimacy without popular consent. That's what has taken us to this point. We have an elite wilfully ignoring the wishes of the majority. Our political culture is pathological.

If you learn a bit more about Islam, you will perhaps understand why its inherently supremacist nature means that it can never accommodate your vision of a society where everyone exists in equality and harmony with one another.

Anonymous said...

This is the most cynical and disrespectful bullshit I have ever read. It is people like you that make the world unsafe for the rest of us. It doesn't matter what your beliefs are; when your opinions are as extreme as what can be read here, it's just scary. 93 people are dead. Many, many wounded. An entire nation is in mourning. Only 5 million people in Norway, everyone knows someone who is gone forever, murdered in a nightmarish way. - And you manage to sympathize with the terrorist behind it all! I hope you wake up one day.

ADB said...

"'s just scary. 93 people are dead. Many, many wounded."

Over the last couple of years, 86 Norweigan girls have been pack-raped by North African immigrants. I imagine such an expwrience would be extremely traumatic and life-altering. Any compassion for them, or were the victims from the wrong group?

Anonymous said...

Quick answer: yes there is compassion for them. For anyone that has been done wrong. Also for all of you, who obviously have had something very scary happen to you that you couldn't handle. The victims of the slaughter in Norway and the victims of rape can handle it, so it very sad to see that you people in here can not.

ADB said...

If there is compassion for the rape victims, why does Norway's political establishment continue an immigration policy that ensures such rapes will keep happening, and indeed increase in number? It is an act every bit as extreme as Breivig's.

Any BTW, thsi is not a hate site. It is simply pointing out the very negative effects of mass Third World/Muslim immmigration. All the stats say that immigrants imported from the Third World - particularly Africa - commit disproportionate levels of crime, including murder, rape, assaults and muggings. It is not hateful to point out this fact.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know the Nazis never left Europe.

Oslo said...

You live in the same distorted world those who share al-Qaeda's ideology live in. You will not be able to see it, of course, though you openly admit it. But I don't expect you to put 1 and 1 together and see the logical conclusion of your own writing.

The good news is that you are a minority, you and your Islamic fundamentalists. A loud and vociferous minority, but a tiny minority nevertheless. Everyone else sees it very clearly. I don't expect you ever will.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

We are not a minority. We are a majority. You, a minority, have seized the reins of power and forced radical transformation on people who did not want it.

Handing over your living space to hostile aliens does not make you a good person, no matter what they told you in brainwashing class.

ADB said...

I see Anonymous and Oslo have not addressed the question of whether it is reasonable to import a group that commit violent crime out of all proportion to their numbers. Just the usual emotive polemic - and "Fuck you" - to try and silence dissent. It doesn't work anymore.

Thor said...

I don´t see how the murder of 78 people and children can be justified by dubious rape stats. If you believe this you are mugs.

And this ongoing bullshit argument about import of criminals. Turned out one of your own committed a crime more grave and sinister than all the crimes and mischief ever done by norwegian immigrants put together.

You claim that a disproportionate level of the crimes committed is the work of third world immigrants. You don´t have to be rocket scientist (which obviously non of you guys are) to figure out that lack of education or lack of regular income is a much more accurate factor for explaining crime stats, than ethnicity ever was. The absurd notion that this is a cultural or even racial feature is completely ludicrous.

One last thing. If most of the world don´t agree with you, the chances are you`re wrong. So come on guys. Life is to short for this bullshit.

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