Sunday, 24 July 2011
In this comment, google-translated from Norwegian, which appeared on the website, Breivik claims that he debated on English-language sites for years before finding It would be interesting to know what IDs he posted under, what websites he debated on, and what his contributions were.
Very good analysis. You're absolutely right. I have not been present in the Norwegian debate until now when I have debated in English for several years / total material Compendium, which I once finished:)

I feel it is important to create a pan-European platform for rhetoric / objectives / policy analysis / research of historical factors relevant to so and transfer this knowledge to every nation. It pan-Europeiske/US environment Robert Spencer, Fjordman, Atlas, Analekta + 50 other EU / U.S. bloggers (and Facebook groups) is the epicenteret for policy analysis and has been for some years.

Much of this knowledge has already been communicated through "document" (are incredibly impressed with the level of knowledge here:)) indicating that it is going to shape a new pan-European "cultural conservative" intellectual movement that is agreed on the basic truths.


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