Tuesday, 5 July 2011
Germany police are arresting two wanted Muslim criminals after a stop-and-check:
One of the two told the police that they were filth.

Then he spat on the ground, stepped in the saliva and said it was the police. The other, also a German citizen, said: "We will take over Germany. All Germans are dogs." For young Muslims the expression "dog" is an insult, as dogs are regarded as unclean in Islam.

Under the headline "Violence Against Police: Never Experienced So Much Hatred", a police officer from the German city of Kassel describe an atmosphere of relentless hostility on the streets.
Sexual insults against wives, mothers and sisters of policemen that cannot be repeated here are now heard every day. There is no limit to the vulgar expressions and words. Especially young Muslims and Russian-Germans who have committed crimes, and consequently had contact with the police, no longer show the officers any respect.


Via: Reconquista Europa


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