Saturday, 9 July 2011
In virtually all European countries, the media is used as a tool by the state to condition the people into acceptance of their own genocide. Either the ugly truth about immigration is covered up; or it is cast in an unrealistically positive light; or both. In Britain we have the NUJ Guidelines on Race Reporting which have shaped media reporting on anything immigration-related for decades. (Basically, they say don't report bad stuff about immigrants or their descendants, and if you really have to, balance it out with some ridiculous spiel about how they're here to pay our pensions or the like.)

In France, the state-orchestrated media manipulation seems even more intrusive. It is performed by the Conseil Supérieur De L'Audiovisuel (CSA), which has just issued one of its bi-annual reports. It seems that this organisation bizarrely counts up the proportion of white and non-white people in every type of programme and on every channel. It then rebukes the stations concerned if not enough brown people are being shown. Afterwards, it obtains commitments from them to "improve" the situation.

Some representative extracts:
The channels France 2 and Canal+ present a clear improvement in their results with 18% and 16% of persons perceived as non-white in their programmes in the course of the week from 6 to 12 February 2010.

France 4, TMC and TF1 also present satisfactory results, above the global average of all channels taken together.

The channels France 2 and France 3 have put particular effort into French fiction (23% for France 2 and 19% for France 3 of the characters indexed in French fiction were perceived as non-white in the course of the week studied).

Canal + records good results in its entertainment programmes, documentaries, magazines and information programmes (above 16%).

M6 distinguishes itself in information programmes with 24% of people perceived as non-white.


Thus the global average for diversity of origins remains 13%, with no change. The overrepresentation of persons perceived as white in hero roles is systematic.

Is this not surreal? Showing 24% brown people gets you a pat on the head from the Commissar? Plus, as far as I know, collecting actual statistics on racial or ethnic origin is illegal in France, so how do they know what is over-representation or under-representation?

There's more interesting stuff in this report, too, about how they are brainwashing journalists in journalist schools into understanding the "importance of diversity" and trying to bully stations into showing the "banlieues" in a positive light. I will post more about this later.



John Pierre said...

Is it possible to be white, English, married and have kids without feeling guilty?
It's a strange concept but I'm sure it was not that long ago that most people aspired to be just that.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is ashamed to be white is weak. You have been beaten down to that? Be proud your white, European, you accomplished so much and now the other continents are copying our capital and our way of life why? Because it makes them better. Where did ti come from? White people. If you believe that the media is anti white than your a weak minded person. How white is france? I saw a lot of white people there when I was there and the fertility is going up. Yes because of other factors but also because of the native french to. Be proud your white!

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