Tuesday, 5 July 2011
The guy is from Iran, where men are allowed to marry 9-year-old girls, just like Muhammad did, except Aisha was probably six when Muhammad 'married' her.
An Iranian fast-food shop worker who groomed dozens of young schoolgirls with free drinks, meals and cash for fetishistic sex has been jailed for four years.

Homayon Narouzzad, 34, who was accorded the right to live in the UK last year, used one 13-year-old girl “as a pimp” to coax others to his flat above the Family Guy takeaway in Whitefield, Bury.

Over the course of a year he paid them between £5 and £90, and bribed them with food, drinks and cigarettes, to allow him to touch and kiss their feet while he pleasured himself or encouraged the youngsters to masturbate him.

Judge Maureen Roddy told Narouzzad, in the dock at Bolton Crown Court, that he had destroyed the innocence of 18 young girls. Altogether police spoke to 37 teenage girls during their investigation.

The girls have been left emotionally and psychologically damaged by their encounters with the asylum seeker who was known as “Smiley” for his apparently jovial manner.

One spoke of wanting to commit suicide while the mother of another described how her daughter was constantly showering and bathing because she felt soiled.

The judge read out the victims’ impact statements in full as she delivered the sentence because, she said, the courts had come under fire for giving too much attention to the voice of offenders and too little to victims.

She told Narouzzad: “Each of them has suffered significant psychological harm that is far more difficult to treat and cure than physical harm.

“The innocence of these victims was destroyed by your actions. You had a corrupting affect upon them by paying for their services and paying extra money for the more serious acts being performed.”

David Clark, for the prosecution, told the court that Narouzzad befriended one particular 13-year-old girl whom he groomed to persuade classmates and their little sisters to come to his flat. The numbers swelled as rumours of the money to be made spread.

In the flat Narouzzad, a socks and foot fetishist with a stack of specialist DVDs and magazines, paid £10 to £20 to be allowed to touch and kiss their feet. He would pay more to masturbate while touching their feet and more still to be masturbated by chosen girls.
Mr Clark said that police also found unposed photographs taken by Narouzzad of the girls in the flat. The majority of the girls were aged 13 to 14 but three were 12.

It is also understood that police uncovered evidence that Narouzzad would grade each of the girls with stars depicting how far they were prepared to go.

Narouzzad, originally from Iran, was granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK last year after living here for a decade.

He was eventually arrested on March 4 after one of the girls told her mother of the abuse. By then, rumours of what went on above the takeaway were rife in the secondary school where most of the victims were pupils.

Narouzzad refused to discuss the allegations with detectives. A subsequent pre-sentence report suggested he continued to lay the blame on his victims.

One girl, 13, told the court in her victim impact statement: “Since this has happened I feel down a lot and get very angry towards friends and family. Sometimes I wish I was dead.

“I find it hard at school to listen to the teachers when I have horrible things in my head. I have bad times and nightmares.”

Her mother, who felt compelled to complete the statement when her daughter faltered, said that it was only when police arirved at the door that the “jigsaw came together and their whole world fell apart”.

Another mother said her daughter has been left with deep emotional scars, gets angry and frustrated and does not sleep well because of nightmares.

A third mother complained that her daughter had harmed herself with a disposable razor. Only now the same mother realises “her mind must have been in turmoil, too scared to tell me about what had taken place”.

Narouzzad, who pleaded guilty to 25 counts of sexual activity with a minor, burst into tears in the dock as his barrister read out a letter of apology to the court. He must serve at least two years in prison before being considered for release and remain on licence for eight years.

After the hearing Detective Jane Little, of Bury CID, said: “This one man was responsible for the abuse of at least 18 young girls and possibly many more and I understand the justifiable concerns of the girls’ families and the wider community.

“I want to reassure everyone that when Narouzzad’s dirty secret came to light we launched a multi-agency investigation to bring him to justice.

“We have been working closely with the local authority to ensure the investigation was carried out sensitively and with minimal disruption to the lives of these youngsters.”
Karen Dolton, assistant director for social care at Bury Council, said that care workers would continue to work with the victims and their families to provide appropriate support, including counselling and care plans.

Source: The Times (£)


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