Friday, 22 July 2011
This is part of the new EU agenda that was announced only a couple of days ago. Already we see government ministers pushing for its implementation with the demand that immigrants be allowed to vote in local elections.

Historically, local government has played a key role in establishing the equality/discrimination/political correctness infrastructure that now defaces Europe. Many of the policies that are now pervasive were pioneered by Ken Livingstone's GLC in the 1980s. Because the immigrants tend to concentrate their colonisation in cities, they are easily able to exert significant political influence there. The ethnic agitation initiatives they set up then leak out into the wider world.
To prevent Moroccans living in Spain from voting in local elections in the country would be "illegal discrimination", declared Anna Terron, Spanish Secretary of State for Immigration.

"To prevent or impose restrictions on the access to voting rights of Moroccan citizens living in Spain during local elections would be discrimination based on their origins, which is prohibited in the constitution", said Terron in an interview published by the agency "Europa Press".

The Spanish Secretary of State for Immigration says that she "does not understand these voices" that have been raised in Spain against the possibility of Moroccans being able to vote in local elections, given that the new Moroccan constitution gives Spaniards living in the kingdom the right to vote in local elections.

Yeah, right. How many Spanish people live in Morocco? Not many. How many Moroccans live in Spain? Too many.


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