Friday, 15 July 2011

One of the best indicators of the sheer malignancy of the Muslim mindset is the way jihad attacks are stepped up on days that are special or sacred to the Muslims' victims. Christmas, for example, now brings a flurry of jihad attacks each year, no longer just in the Middle East but around Europe and elsewhere too. As well as the high profile terrorist incidents, the Muslims find ways of expressing their contempt for the infidel through many smaller-scale church burnings and desecrations that rarely make national headlines.

Easter is another high point. Many churches and graves were desecrated in France over Easter this year; and recall the mega-bomb in Indonesia that was intended to kill thousands of Christian worshippers while they celebrated Easter mass.

In France, Bastille Day, has become another such occasion. What, for the French people, is a day of celebration, one in which they express their sense of national togetherness, is, for the Muslim invaders currently colonising their country, a day of rage, an opportunity for them to express their malignant contempt for the French people.

The night before Bastille Day has now become a time of ritualised violence in France. Every year, Muslims set fire to cars and engage in pitched battles with the French police. Look at the video above. It's like something out of Beirut or Gaza.

In Val-de-Marne, around 50 cars were torched. In Choisy-le-Roi a police station came under heavy attack. The French text in the news report says "attaqué au mortier". The literal translation of this is "came under mortar fire" but perhaps this is just a figurative expression here. It seems hard to believe that the Muslims are attacking police stations with mortar fire already! Surely it should take at least another 15-20 years for it to get to that stage?

Muslims are now apparently competing with one another to see who can destroy France the fastest. According to a police trade union spokesman, two adjacent "problem" housing estates, Bois Labbé and des Mordacs, are engaged in a "ferocious competition" with one another:
There were a lot of vehicles burned. (…) The estates are going back into competition with one another. When an act of violence is committed on one side, there's always another estate that says 'No one's talking about us. We need to do something to get ourselves noticed.'

It's also noteworthy that just before Bastille Day five French soldiers were killed in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber. Was that, too, a deliberate gesture of contempt timed to coincide with the French national holiday, or just a coincidence?

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Anonymous said...

Round them up and ship them out. No more talk and blah, blah, blah, but DO it!!!

Anonymous said...

Just stupid France excepted them.

No more talk to islam and Arabic barbarian.
No racisme religion in France, Ship them out to their country.
They are virus for peace and democracy

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