Tuesday, 26 July 2011
Is it possible to think that Islam is quintessentially evil and to advocate that point of view coolly, rationally, and objectively, without being "hateful" or "extreme"? Or does the mere fact that a person has reached that conclusion about Islam necessarily mark them out as "hateful" or "extreme"?

Now replace the word "Islam" with "Nazism" and answer the same questions. If there is a difference in your answers, why?


Johnny Rottenborough said...

‘Evil’ is a strong word but it does seem to fit Islam’s attitude to non-Muslims, and expressing that opinion (especially if it is based on sound evidence) should be welcomed as a contribution to free debate. Alas, the Left’s grand projets of multiculturalism and population replacement require all criticism of Islam to be howled down in a storm of invective.

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