Saturday, 23 July 2011
My translation of an article on Bladi:
According to a study carried out by the Belgian sociologist Jan Hertogen, one quarter of the Belgian population is of foreign origin and more than half of them have been naturalised.

In Belgium, close to a million people are of foreign origin. To that is added a million naturalised persons and 750,000 Belgians born of foreign parents. In total there are therefore 2,750,000 people living in Belgium who are of foreign origin, which is a quarter of the total population estimated to be 11 million.

Also according to this study, 1,017,245 foreigners have become Belgian since 1948, of whom 30% are Moroccans, 17% Turks and 9% Italians. Then come Yugoslavs, French, Algerians and 118 other nationalities.

In Belgium, a country that grants nationality to any person having lived legally in the country for seven years, 25,000 people are awaiting naturalisation.


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