Tuesday, 19 July 2011
It really looks as though France is slipping into civil war conditions.

Last night around 40 hooded Muslims (of course the news report doesn't say that but we can assume it as almost all immigrants in France are Muslims) set up an ambush for the French police in Val-de-Marne (this is where a police station was attacked a week or two ago).

First of all, the Muslims set some dustbins on fire. The fire brigade then arrived, accompanied by the police. In Muslim-colonised "no-go areas" in France, emergency services like the fire brigade only operate with police escort. As the firemen began to deal with the fire, the police "set up a perimeter". That is the exact term used in the news report, "set up a perimeter", just as soldiers would do in a warzone.

Around 40 hooded "jeunes" (French media code for Muslims) then suddenly appeared and encircled the police patrol car. They threw paving stones and molotov cocktails at it, although no one was hurt. The police then used flash-ball guns to drive the Muslims off. (Flash-ball guns are impact projectile weapons designed to be non-lethal.)

Source: Defrancisation.com


Anonymous said...

Use real guns. It still takes 10-15 years for these to bring another devil worshipper up to the age of terror.

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