Wednesday, 13 July 2011
The Central Council of Muslims in Germany has criticised the lack of Muslims serving as chaplains in the German military and demanded that imams be introduced to provide spiritual care to Muslim soldiers. This would be "of great significance for integration" says Aiman Mazyek, spokesman for the Council.

The Central Council of Muslims says it thinks the matter should be raised at the annual Islam Conference that features talks between the German government and supposed representatives of the Muslim community. Ironically, the Central Council of Muslims is currently boycotting the Islam Conference because the German Interior Minister refused to discuss the issue of Islamophobia and made remarks suggesting a link between the 'Muslim community' and terrorism.

Muslim associations claim that around 1200 Muslims are currently serving in the Bundeswehr (German military). Thanks to demographic expansion, and a recent reform of the German citizenship law, this number is expected to increase in future, however. Although the Bundeswehr has recently accommodated Muslim demands, by ensuring that at least one pork-free meal is provided in canteens each day, for example, a spokesman expressed scepticism about the call to introduce imams because the number of Muslim soldiers was so low.

Source: Welt Online


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