Sunday, 17 July 2011
In France, the website is really taking the fight to the deranged political and media elites who are destroying the country. Even though it mostly just aggregates news stories and allows its readers to comment on them, it has become a significant player in French politics, as outraged members of the multicult are now being forced to acknowledge.

The term 'français de souche' means 'French people of traditional French stock' or 'indigenous French' we might say in English. This term forms the basis for a play on words. 'Français de souche' becomes 'François de Souche', supposedly an individual Frenchman of the traditional type (loves wine, old churches, etc.) who is mystified and dismayed by what is happening to his country.

Here is an article about the website from the magazine belonging to left-wing philosophe superclown Bernard-Henri Lévy:
The website Fdesouche is a dustbin. A heap of vile political ideas and gutter-level extremism created in 2005. Originally, what is today a successful site was only an amateur blog telling the story of "the wanderings of a Frenchman in occupied Paris"... Occupied by whom? Well by all the mixed bloods, these foreigners, immigrants more or less direct, who are "exploiting" France, "infiltrating" it, the better to destroy it.

Let's not hide from it: racism, on the internet, is not rare. The rejection of the Other expresses itself there, often, without metaphor. Fortunately, the audience for racist and anti-semitic pages remains, for the most part, restricted. For the most part, but not always. The proof comes with Fdesouche, an a distressing phenomenon, ill-thinking instrument of nationalist France, inspired directly by Marine Le Pen's rhetorical game and attracting more internet traffic on its own than the websites of the Socialist party and the UMP (main right-wing party in France) put together. A true power of influence... To believe a post recently put online on the site in question, 80,000 unique visitors per day would constitute the high base of the site's regular readers, addictively reading, commenting then sharing our country's woes, of course always of foreign origin, across the blogosphere.


There they attack race-mixing and living together, reflect on the "genocide by substitution" of the white populations, still revel in the prophecies of Enoch Powell and pray in a virtual church…


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