Friday, 22 July 2011

It struck a building housing government offices and Norway's biggest tabloid. The newspaper is called VG. Although various people are talking about a connection to the reprinting of the Mohammed cartoons by Norwegian newspapers, VG is not one of the newspapers listed on this Wikipedia page as having been involved in that.

I wonder who it could have been. Any theories?


Thor said...

Al-Qaeda, of course...who else?
theay had already threatened Norway many times, for participating in Afeganistan War.

Anonymous said...

Mulla Krakar?

HURR said...


Anonymous said...

Where Islam Spreads, there is light and justices.
Today, many non-Muslims regard Islam as a religion that promotes violence, terrorism and war. Unfortunately, they rely in their view of Islam on the general media, which is not always accurate in reporting the news. Many media outlets, such as TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, are influenced by their investors or owners who have certain agendas and who want to promote certain values and points of view. Other media outlets are simply after the "big story", in order to make more money and more profits. Others are simply "followers", who only gather news from other sources, re-package it and try to sell it again purely as a business.

In all these cases, the news reporting is not accurate, but is driven by ulterior motives or simply by profits. Only very few media organizations are committed to providing accurate and true information, regardless of financial gain. Therefore, people today should be very careful in what they take from the media.

Before blindly accepting what the TV, radio or newspaper is reporting, one should think critically about what is being reported. Is this being reported accurately, or is it being exaggerated or even completely fabricated? Who are these people reporting the news, and do they have vested interests to report the story in a certain way, or are they completely objective and fair? Critical thinking is very important in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to accepting the media reports about important and controversial issues.

Islam is in fact a religion that promotes peace and understanding among people of all faiths, and it strongly prohibits all forms of violence and aggression against all people regardless of their faith or race.

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