Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The video shows Islamic radicals in Tunisia protesting against the film 'No God, No Master'.
Today a Tunis court's public prosecutor officially launched proceedings against film director Nadia el-Fani, who directed ''No God, No Master'', which was strongly criticised by Muslim extremists, who even interrupted a show and threatened to kill the audience. According to the 'kapitalis' website, the court took action following a report by lawyer Monaem Turki, the same lawyer who called for the Tunisian Internet authority to block pornographic websites.

Furthermore, Turki, in a televised interview, claimed never to have seen the film, but says he was forced to report its content as a result of articles published on the movie.

Essentially, he is asking that the film not be broadcast due to its anti-Muslim content. Nadia el-Fani (who is abroad due to serious health concerns) told 'kapitalis' she was aware of the situation, but had not yet been informed of the legal developments. The director also said she is indignant as to the Tunisian Culture Minister's statement that the movie did not receive any state funding ''neither before, nor after the Revolution''.

Source: Ansamed


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