Thursday, 14 July 2011
We're seeing this pattern more and more across the continent. Counterjihad demonstrations are being banned, not because of the actions of the Counterjihadists themselves, but because of threats of violence made against them by political opponents. It is not the Counterjihad that is a threat to democracy. It is the opposition to it.
The Home Secretary has been asked today to ban a threatened march by the English Defence League through London’s East End.

The call comes from the London Assembly’s budget chairman John Biggs, who represents East London at City Hall.

He has written to Theresa May asking her to ban the “divisive” march through Whitechapel planned for September 3—anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War.

“I have real concerns that groups opposed to the Far Right EDL will also take to the streets if it goes ahead,” he said. “The results will be huge public disorder, a risk of injury to the public and damage to property.”

Today’s letter was the second in a week to the Home Secretary in which he outlines his concerns: “I believe the march will be totally divisive.”

It would be staged the first weekend after Ramadan, he points out, if it goes ahead.
Source: East London Advertiser

John Biggs was initially selected by Labour to be their candidate for the Tower Hamlets mayoralty; then the selection was re-run and he came second to the Muslim Lutfur Rahman. When Rahman was de-selected by Labour, the obvious choice to replace him would have been the second-placed candidate, Biggs. But Biggs was overlooked again and another Muslim, Helal Abbas, selected to represent Labour instead. Perhaps, by publicly objecting to the EDL march, he is now trying to 'big up' his credentials with the Muslims so they let him have a try next time.


John Pierre said...

Banned or not the EDL will still turn up.
The EDL leadership see September 3rd as a corner stone event in their short but dramatic history so a no show will not be an option.

I detect a sense of fear by the council and the government because ban or no ban the public here and abroad will get to see what muslim immigration has done.
With the Olympics coming up, the last thing they need is Tower Hamlets being exposed as the third world tip it has now become.

Anonymous said...

There had to be a time when someone on the island
would confront the ugly and evil creed that is
Islam.Who knows what will happen at the end of August,when EDL plan to march through Tower Hamlets, but at least it is starting the ball rolling.

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