Tuesday, 26 July 2011
In Bologna a 16-year old Pakistani girl attempted to commit suicide by drinking hydrochloric acid to escape a marriage with a Pakistani that her parents had arranged for her. She was taken in critical condition to the hospital of Saint Ursula in Bologna. After three weeks in intensive care, she was transferred to the paediatric unit.

Also in Bologna, another Pakistani girl was recently found to have been locked up by her family for several weeks because she wanted to live in a western style. The prosecutor's office in Bologna has opened an inquiry with a view to bringing charges of incitement to suicide against a person involved.

The vice-president of the group Popolo della Libertà (party of Silvio Berlusconi) in the Chamber of Deputies, Isabella Bertolini, stressed that this was one in a series of "tragedies experienced by young Muslim women living in Italy, forced by their families to live in conditions of violence and segrégation. Islamic fundamentalism, which news reports confirm is widespread in the sizeable Pakistani community living in our country, gives rise to dramatic situations like these in Bologna. It is unacceptable that all of this happens in a free and democratic country like Italy, with the champions of integration showing absolute indifference to it."

Source: Novopress


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