Monday, 25 July 2011
Anders Breivik is to spend the next month in solitary confinement after telling a court that his massacre of 93 people was necessary “to save Norway and Western Europe” from “cultural Marxism and Muslim takeover”.

...Breivik was remanded in custody for eight weeks, including the four weeks in solitary, during which he will receive neither visits nor letters as police seek to prevent him tampering with evidence, contacting friends or disrupting the investigation.

He had repeated to the court his confession to planting Friday’s car bomb, which killed six civil servants in Oslo, and to shooting 84 young activists from the ruling Labour Party at a camp on the island of Utøya. But Judge Kim Heger said he had not pleaded guilty.

Judge Heger had earlier decided that today’s remand hearing would be in camera to deny Breivik his wish that he be allowed to explain his motives to the public.

The defendant was driven away from court after a 35-minute hearing, having also been denied his request to appear in uniform, while the judge read his full statement to hundreds of journalists who had been turned away from the court chamber.

Breivik faces charges of destabilising social structures such as the Government and creating serious fear among the population, Judge Heger said, before summarising Breivik’s account of his actions.

“The accused wished to induce the greatest possible loss to the Labour Party, to limit its future recruitment. The accused explained that the Labour Party had failed the country and the people, and the price of their treason was what they had to pay.

“The intention was not to kill as many people as possible but to send a strong signal that could not be misunderstood. As long as the Labour Party keeps driving this ideological line and mass importing Muslims, then they must assume responsibility for this treason. Any country with a conscience cannot allow itself to be colonised by Muslims.”
Source: The Times (£)


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