Saturday, 30 July 2011
It's not necessary to refute the lies in the Guardian's latest attempt to take shameless political advantage of the Oslo attacks because the Guardian manages to do so itself. Its lies are so blatant that they stumble over one another.

First the Guardian claims that Breivik's support for the forced deportation of Muslims was considered so extreme in the Counterjihad blogosphere that he was effectively ostracised. This experience supposedly radicalised him and led him to contemplate violence.
At 9:31pm on 16 October 2008 a message appeared on the virulently anti-Muslim website Gates of Vienna. Under the user name Year2183, a reference to a manifesto he was writing, Anders Behring Breivik appears exasperated that his fellow far-right bloggers are too accommodating to Europe's Muslims.

Responding to Fjordman, the anonymous Norwegian "counterjihad" blogger, Breivik insists that only the forced deportation of Muslims will suffice. His stance, he realises, has become too extreme even for the anti-multicultural blogosphere.

Only a few paragraphs later however the Guardian describes these same Counterjihad sites as:
a network of blogs where violence is glorified and multiculturalism despised, along with those who embrace it.

How could violence be glorified within these blogs but the far less extreme step of forced deportation be shunned? It doesn't even begin to make sense. Of course, it is an outright lie to say that "violence is glorified" in Counterjihad blogs.

Source: Guardian


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