Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I blogged once before about how, having watched a crop of recent French DVDs, the theme of the displacement of the indigenous French by aliens, and particularly Muslim aliens, came through very forcibly, and was invariably portrayed in a positive light. I surmised that the French state, or one of its instruments, might have had a role to play in this by having offered subsidies to films with the "right" message. It seems that my conjecture was correct. The proof comes with the latest annual report of the "Image et Diversité" Commission.

This state agency has been set up to offer financial support to film-makers willing to promote positive images of "diversity" in France. Support is given to both dramas and documentaries, intended for cinema release or for television.

Looking through their activity report, I can see that they subsidised some of the specific films that I mentioned in my previous post. For example, L'armée du crime, a film about a bunch of immigrants resisting the Nazi occupation in WW2, was one of theirs.

Indigènes (marketed as Days of Glory in English), which told the story of North African Muslims who fought for France in WW2, was another. This film (shown at the top) was even nominated for an Oscar.

Welcome, a film about a Frenchman who decided to help an Iraqi illegal immigrant cross over into Britain, received financial support too.

The agency is run by Alexandre Michelin who, judging by his photographs, is not exactly of pristine French stock, and, judging by their surnames, neither are almost any of his staff. Incidentally, he is also in charge of MSN Europe so watch out for some multicult propaganda coming from there. Michelin boasts: "In four years, we have supported more than 500 works. There is a creative breeding ground and an enormous diversity within the diversity whether it is in cinema, documentaries or animation. It's great to see this energy." He now offers support to private broadcasters too "to help change mentalities."

This is shocking stuff. Cinema can play a powerful role in shaping perceptions. We now have state agencies inserting multicult propaganda into films, a practice that is all the more sinister because it is insidious and not readily apparent to the viewer.


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