Tuesday, 12 July 2011
Johann Hari, the Independent interviewer and columnist accused of plagiarism, has been suspended.

Hari was suspended on Tuesday for two months pending the outcome of an internal investigation by former Independent editor Andreas Whittam-Smith.

Chris Blackhurst, who replaced Simon Kelner as editor of the Independent earlier this month, said: "Johann Hari has been suspended for two months pending the outcome of an internal enquiry. We have no further comment to make."
Source: Guardian

There really ought to be a comprehensive audit of Hari's entire journalistic oeuvre. The impression I have is that, for him, deceit was habitual and pervasive rather than occasional. Since his work has appeared in a number of publications, it should not fall to the Independent alone to hold an inquiry. I have already blogged about what I feel is a deceitful presentation of his alleged visit to/undercover infiltration of (delete as appropriate) Finsbury Park mosque. Some of the articles referencing this episode appeared in the Guardian and New Statesman, among other places. And I'm sure there is a veritable treasure trove of new Hari discoveries waiting to be made.

Hari is like a serial killer. Once you arrest one of these nuts, and you've got him for maybe one or two murders, when you see the signs of true craziness - the tufts of hair or photographs kept as trophies, the skull in the fridge, the lunatic scrawls on the wall - you just know that once you piece together his life story and track his movements from one place to another, you're going to find a trail of horrific unsolved murders going back years or even decades. The total bodycount could well end up in triple figures!


george said...

I remain convinced that the quotations, situations - and probably the people - in THIS piece are invented.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Having just read it, I think you're right. Someone should check Hari's passport to see whether it has a Venezuela stamp in it...

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