Tuesday, 12 July 2011
The interview with Marine Le Pen, leader of the Front National, appeared in the newspaper France Soir.
France Soir: Could France allow itself, as the FN [Front National] suggests, to stop all forms of legal immigration tomorrow?

Marine Le Pen: Of course!… I am proposing to put in place a complete moratorium on legal immigration. It must be reduced and limited, after 5 years, to 10,000 entries per year. Now that our public finances are in meltdown and we have 5 million unemployed, we can no longer allow a population equivalent to the city of Rennes into our country each year. For the children of the immigrants, school and health care is free. But it's not free for the French taxpayers. These people are living thanks to the solidarity of the national community. Do you know that one third of the aid to elderly persons is delivered to legal immigrants who, for certain, have never paid taxes in France? A person who has come to look for work in France and hasn't found it after a few months, we need to be able to say to him: "Sir, you haven't found work in our country, you need to go home."

France Soir: Do you want, like the left, to revisit Sarkozy's pension reform?

Marine Le Pen: The government has chosen to sacrifice the system of social protection and, thus, the workers. We need to make economies, of course. But there are other choices that can be taken. Crime, for example, costs France 115 billion euros per year. On immigration, decentralisation, our contributions to the European Union, savings can be made. This should allow us to go back to a system that allows us to guarantee a full-rate pension after 40 years of contributions. With 60 millions cartes Vitale [health cards that grant access to the French health care system], 10 million of those circulating are fake. But who has them? Obviously, tomorrow, if these fake cards were deactivated, a certain number of districts in our suburbs (banlieues) would explode. The checks on the benefits system should be much more rigorous. The problem is that there are a certain number of places where the persons who do the checking can no longer even enter.

France Soir: Politically, how are you doing?

Marine Le Pen: In the opinion polls, after having made great progress, I have stabilised at an extremely high level. A level equivalent to that of the president of the republic. So, everything's going well.



John Pierre said...

Wonderful...if only we had someone who was remotely like Le Pen we might have a good chance of getting our country back and start getting rid of the unproductive and subversive members of the 'Religion of Peace'.

Anonymous said...

A step in the right direction,it would be great if
Marine won the next Presidential Election.However
5,000,000 Moslems in France are easily able to turn themselves into 20,000,000 within 20 years.
When they have a voting majority life for the natives of France will be like being a prisoner of the Japanese in WW2, HELL ON EARTH.

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