Monday, 25 July 2011

The graphic is nicked from It shows far-left terrorist attacks compared to far-right terrorist attacks in the EU in recent years. The figures are from Europol. "Extrême-gauche" (EXG) means Far-left. "Extrême-droite" (EXD) means Far-right.

From Europol's EU Terrorism Situation and Trend report, published in April this year:
Member States were not confronted with major acts of right-wing terrorism in 2010. There were almost no arrests related to right-wing terrorism over the whole year.

Here Europol admits that the only problems caused by "right-wing extremism" are the offence it causes to leftist ideologues and their clients and the violent attacks the leftists carry out against those who dare to dissent from their "consensus".
Some incidents that occurred in 2010 could be classified as right-wing extremism. These raised public order concerns, but have not in any way endangered the political, constitutional, economic or social structures of any of the Member States. They can, however, present considerable challenges to policing and seriously threaten community cohesion.

...Public manifestations of right-wing extremism can often provoke counter activity by extreme left-wing groups. Such confrontations invariably result in physical violence. In May 2010, a White Power supporter was assaulted and knifed in Sweden during a demonstration staged by the White Power movement. An activist was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault and attempted murder.


Thor said...

The corrupt media doesn't say a word about it...

you see any headlines or mediatic noise of any of these left-wing terrorism?

you have to be corrupt to work in the media. if you are not corrupt, you don't work there. period.

arthurteste123 said...

Funny how you didn't even note that incidents of Islamic terrorism in Europe are dwarfed by those of, non-religious terrorism, left- or right-wing. Since you can't blame Islam directly for the large majority of European terrorism, you speak of left-wing extremists, since of course the left loves Islam.

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