Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The blog of Le Monde Diplomatique has some interesting figures on demographic developments in the USA. Partial translation:
Although in 1970, the "non-hispanic white population" represented 83.4% of the population of the USA, now more than one third of the population (36.3%) comes from minorities visibly originating in Latin America, Asia and Africa, a rate that should reach 50% by 2050. According to the projections of the American Census Bureau, two hundred million Americans will then originate from places other than Europe. By the middle of the century, Hispanics should represent 25% of the population; Afro-Americans 16%, and Asiatics 10%.

This "giant change" ... is driven by mass immigration and the natural demographic growth of these minorities. The high rates of growth of Hispanics and Asiatics in particular (respectively 3.2% and 2.7%) contrast with the very low rates of reproduction of non-Hispanic whites (0.2 %) in recent years.

Thus, the non-hispanic white population is ageing, while the Hispanic, Asiatic and African minorities account for almost half of the population of young people below 18 years. 47% of the children of less than 5 years, and 44% of the young people below 18 came from these minorities in 2008, half being of Latin-American origin. According to the Census Bureau, the non-hispanic white population is going to contribute "almost nothing to the demographic growth in the decades to come".

Source: Le Monde Diplomatique


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