Thursday, 21 July 2011
Today the Commission adopted a 'European Agenda for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals' to enhance the economic, social and cultural benefits of migration in Europe. The Agenda puts the emphasis on migrants' full participation in all aspects of collective life and highlights the key role of local authorities.

Cecilia Malmström, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, said: "Successful integration implies that migrants are given the opportunity to participate fully in their new communities. Learning the language of the receiving country, getting access to employment and education and having the socio-economic capacity to support themselves are crucial elements for a successful integration. To date, integration of migrants in Europe has not been very successful. We must all do more – for the sake of the people coming here, but also since well-integrated migrants are an asset for the EU, as they enrich our societies culturally and economically."

They want immigrants to be able to vote in elections. Bear in mind this is non-EU immigrants they are talking about.
Integration must start where people meet every day (work places, schools, public areas, etc). Measures to strengthen democratic participation should include training and mentors, facilitating for migrants to vote in local elections, creating local, regional and national consultative bodies, or encouraging entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

And the EU will now monitor integration policies in each member state.
In order to reinforce coordination and knowledge exchange, the Commission is developing a flexible European toolbox, consisting of integration modules to support policies and practices in Member States. They build on the experiences of what works and what does not work to support integration, for example to organise introductory and language courses, ensure a strong commitment by the receiving society and enhance migrants' participation. These modules can be adapted to the needs of Member States, regions and cities. Common European indicators have also been identified to monitor results of integration policies.

This Communication responds to a request in the Stockholm Programme, calling on the Commission to enhance coordination and improve tools and structures for knowledge exchange in the area of integration.

It builds on the new legal basis introduced in the Lisbon Treaty for incentives and support to Member States' actions to promote the integration of legally residing third-country nationals, excluding harmonisation of legislation.
Source: EU Commission


Anonymous said...

Cecilia Malmström is a globalist and a traitor to all the nations of the EU.

She's dangerous and insane, her plans needs to be choked and she herself fired and tried for treason.

Thor said...

give vote to immigrants is just frauding democracy. it is cheating.
(afraid of the real will of the people)

and, yes, they "enrich" our culture, they make car-jacking, violent assaults, rape, steal, subsidy dependence, arrogance, disrespect local culture and traditions, anti-white racism, mixed race, miscegenation, etc, etc

we are so evil, we should just apologize and thank them for beeing here...

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Is it bad in Portugal too? I haven't heard much about the situation there.

Thor said...

yes, it is bad in Portugal too.
we haven't (yet) too many muslims, but we have hundred of thousand of africans (blacks) and mixed-race brazilians...
the media rarely show his crimes, and when something happen, they call them "young men" instead of saying his nacionality/race.
and Portugal doesn't allow racial criminal statistics.
it's a fraud "democracy" (political correctness dictatorship)

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Sounds like France, where the media calls them "les jeunes". Racial statistics are banned there too, although some of the Muslims are now demanding that the law be changed so they can use statistics to show they are discriminated against.

Are there any good Portuguese blogs that cover these topics?

If you're interested and have enough time, you could write an article describing the Muslim/immigrant/political situation in Portugal and I'll post it here. We don't hear that much about Portugal in the English-language blogs.

Thor said...

I have my own blogue
but here in Portugal, we don't have many problems with muslims like in Spain, France, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, etc
I don't know why, but here they are a few...but we have plenty of other immigrants.

Thor said...

and thanks for this news about UE..i have post it ;)

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Cool. I will check your blog every now and then. I don't really know Portuguese but I can partly understand it based on its similarity to Castilian.

BTW there is a Portuguese version of that EU document, so you could post that on your blog instead.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...


Thor said...

thanks :)

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