Tuesday, 12 July 2011

On Saturday, Brescia, in Italy, witnessed a rally organised by the Lega Nord protesting against the violence and arrogance of the illegal immigrants who have settled there recently. Over the last few months, there have been a number of extraordinary incidents in the city as these illegal immigrants have brazenly demanded residence permits, apparently fearless of being rounded up and expelled.

In November, the illegals occupied a crane, draping themselves over it along with various banners making demands. In May, they occupied a cathedral forecourt. A couple of weeks ago, during another demonstration, a Moroccan climbed up on the cupola of the Piazza Loggia, a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture and one of the central symbols of the city. Once installed there, he delivered a harangue to his fellow Africans down below.

The media has naturally fawned over these demonstrations, although one journalist from Télé Padania may have had the gloss taken off her political correctness when she was attacked by the illegal immigrants while filming a report.

The Liga Nord organised a public protest against the "arrogant, violent" immigrants. "After the umpteenth insult to our city, after the city, for more than a year, has continued to submit to abusive occupations and insults despite its availability and the solidarity of the welcome shown..., after all that Brescia has done and continues to do, all the money that has been spent and is still being spent for the immigrants, the moment has come to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"

Among those applauded was the mayor of Adro, a small town next to Brescia, Oscar Lancini, who declared: "I am proud to be a racist, if racist means defending our territory". Brescia, explained the secretary of the Lombard League, Giancaro Giorgetti, belongs to Brescians first of all. "Those who want to come here and make demands are making a major mistake. They need to know that there are laws and the rules must be respected." In conclusion, the MEP Mario Borghezio declared : "We have lost patience" and called for the secession of Padania.

Source: Novopress


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