Friday, 15 July 2011
The alleged sex-grooming victim was repeatedly accused of lying and challenged about stealing from her parents, shoplifting, and withdrawing money on her father’s credit card without his permission.

Under questioning, she admitted making a false rape allegation and, allegedly at the instigation of one of the defendants, Ahdel Ali, trying to blackmail a man who was paying her for oral sex. She denied that she had invented sex allegations to get compensation money.

The teenager was also asked about a plot, again said to have been hatched by Mr Ali, by which she would have entered into a sham marriage with a Ghanaian man in order to steal his financial documents. Tayyab Khan, defending Mr Ali, told the girl that she did not “know the meaning of telling the truth”. Brian Dean, for Mohammed Ali Sultan, suggested that she had “lied from top to bottom throughout your evidence”.

Peter Cooper, for Tanveer Ahmed, suggested that although “plenty of bad things . . . happened to you when you were very young”, they had turned the girl into “a very hard person, a person who is willing to hurt people to get what you want”.

During his cross-examination, Dean Kershaw, defending Noshad Hussain, told the 18-year-old to “stop fiddling . . . and try to concentrate”.
Source: The Times


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