Tuesday, 12 July 2011
In Duisburg, Germany, a 27-year-old Somali sex offender was recently arrested. An 85-year-old woman on her way back from the hairdresser became suspicious of him when she saw him "chatting up" a few little children at a small children's play area. When she got back to her flat, she kept an eye on what he was doing and shouted at the children to go home. Two of them did so, but one remained. The Somali then grabbed this 7-year-old girl and dragged her into some bushes. The old woman ran out and tried to stop him. When she got near, he punched her in the face and attacked her, severely twisting her arm. Eventually, when passersby reacted after hearing the commotion, he ran off, but was identified and arrested later. The old woman now has bruises and cuts all over her body, as well as a broken arm.



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