Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Top row, left to right: Ahdel Ali, 23, Mubarek Ali, 28, Tanveer Ahmed, 39, Mohammed Younis, 59, and Abdul Rouf, 34. Bottom row, left to right: Mohammed Islam Choudhrey, 52, Mahroof Khan, 33, Mohammed Ali Sultan, 24 and Noshad Hussain, 21

Young girls became “sexual commodities” for sale to dozens of men after they were drawn into an adult world of cars, alcohol and drugs, a court was told yesterday in what is believed to be the first trial involving charges of sex trafficking of a British child in the UK.

The men accused of grooming and exploiting the vulnerable teenagers allegedly exercised such power over them that one 16-year-old was driven around the country to be sold for cash. Restaurant workers queued up to have sex with her, Stafford Crown Court was told.
She and another girl were asked to climb through the upstairs window of one restaurant because the men paying to have sex with them did not want to be seen with “white girls”.
The same teenager, who allegedly had sex one night with five men in a room above a food shop, was “sold for use as a sexual object to many men on many occasions”, including when she was 14 weeks pregnant.

Seven girls from the small Staffordshire town of Wellington, near Telford, are said to have had sex with men in flats, cars, restaurants, caravans, a hotel, a fish and chip shop, a park, a former gasworks and a churchyard.

Deborah Gould, for the prosecution, said that the nine men in the dock, aged from 21 to 59, had “variously trafficked, raped or sexually abused girls both over and under the age of 16 years over a considerable period of time”.

She warned the jury that they would be introduced to a world “that I expect few of you were aware of, let alone had any experience of.

“These men ensnared these girls. They had cars, jobs and money, which gave them both freedom and power. They enticed the girls, groomed the girls and then exploited them either for their own sexual gratification or for money,” she added. “Some of these girls became dependent upon some of these men. Dependency gives birth to control, and control is easy where your victim is willing and even grateful for your time. Once control is established, domination soon follows.”

The accused, many of them married, allegedly sold girls for as little as £20 or for “petrol money”. If they did as they were told, the teenagers were rewarded with cigarettes, alcohol, cannabis, food and top-up credit for their mobile phones.

One told police that “an Asian man aged about 60 with bleached grey hair and a hat” was charged £50 for sex with a young girl in his car. Another man allegedly travelled south from Bradford to have sex with girls who were driven to meet him at a park in Stoke-on-Trent and at a hotel in Wolverhampton. The court was told how three of the defendants — Ahdel Ali, 23; his brother, Mubarek Ali, 28; and Tanveer Ahmed, 39 — “slowly but surely persuaded two of these girls by a combination of attention, gifts, encouragement, pressure and guilt to have sexual activity with others for their benefit”.

Mohammed Younis, 59, and Abdul Rouf, 34, “conspired with each other to facilitate child prostitution . . . by allowing their homes to be used by various men to engage in sexual activities with girls”.

Mohammed Islam Choudhrey, 52, allegedly paid for the sexual services of one of the girls while Mahroof Khan, 33, “sexually assaulted her”.

Mohammed Ali Sultan, 24, and Noshad Hussain, 21, are said to have assisted the Ali brothers on separate occasions by driving one girl to a restaurant and to a fish and chip shop where men were waiting to have sex with her.

All nine were men “who have deeply sexist views of women and treat them with no respect or dignity whatsoever”.

Ms Gould said that it would become apparent “that there are differences of culture and attitude between the defendants . . . and the complainants . . . and that these may well have affected how each behaved generally and towards each other”.

The girls “believed themselves to be loved and in love with some of these men”. Behind their backs, their abusers described them as “f***ing slags”, the court was told.

Ahdel Ali, whose nickname was Eddie, is said to have chatted up two girls aged 15 and 12. His brother, Mubarek, allegedly sold another girl to have sex with two restaurant workers even though he knew that she was pregnant and did not want to sleep with them. Each brother viewed her “as merely a commodity to be utilised as he saw fit”.

The court was told that one of the girls told police about an evening when she had sex with one man while her friend had sex lying on the floor in the same room with a “man who couldn’t speak English”.

“The man was on top of her and . . . kept grabbing her arms and she would keep pulling away. [The girl] kept saying to the man ‘Get off me, you’re hurting my arm’.”
In the following days, the girl was seen to have bruises.

Ms Gould told the jury that the case was “not about race, religion, colour or creed” and that their judgment “must not be affected by such factors”.

The defendants deny a total of 55 offences alleged to have taken place between 2007 and 2009, including two rapes, nine counts of controlling child prostitution, trafficking children within the UK for sexual exploitation, 20 charges of sexual activity with a child and four of paying for the sexual services of a child.

The trial continues.

Source: The Times (£)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, i needed this for school but no way that i was gonna pay one pound for something that i only look at once.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutly disgusting!!
What a dhame these men bring to themselves, it's a shame men like this roam around on this earth!!!

Anonymous said...

These sick Pakistani men put us bangkadeshis to shame! I hope they rot in prison

Anonymous said...

fukin disgusting men they should have been jailed for life!!!
gives us pakistanis such a bad name....

Anonymous said...

I think that is really sick , like really when the girl was having a baby .. That really is sick they would do that to them poor girls .. They should be ashamed of themselves .. And if you men see this You are SICK IN THE HEAD !!

Anonymous said...

I concur these men disgust me, but Bangladeshi are much worse and smell of fish occasionaly

Anonymous said...

I went to School with Ali Sultan, and he is pure evil, trust me. They al deserve to rot in hell.

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