Tuesday, 28 June 2011

In the Weimar Republic, the name given to the political order that prevailed in Germany during the interwar period prior to Hitler's assumption of power, political violence became routine. Along with hyperinflation, this was one of the key destabilising factors that created the impression in the popular mind of the country's descent into chaos. In response, people sought the firm re-establishment of order, with consequences that we now know to be disastrous.

It seems that similar conditions are developing in present day Germany. Leftist/Muslim (it becomes increasingly hard to distinguish the two) violence against those who dissent from politically correct thinking is no longer exceptional. It has become an almost daily occurrence.

Last weekend in Germany, four of the far-right (and this one actually is far right) NPD party's 10 candidates for the upcoming Berlin elections were beaten up by and robbed by masked attackers. Ironically, among the items stolen from one candidate was a book called "Antifa heisst Angriff" (Antifa Means Attack).

On the Friday before the weekend, a group of citizens in Mönchengladbach had gathered to picket an illegal mosque that had been established in Eichen. As the Mohammedans emerged from their Friday prayers, they first remonstrated with the demonstrators verbally then attacked them physically.

A few weeks ago, a leftist/Muslim mob attacked the Counterjihad event attended by Robert Spencer in Stuttgart. Many of the planned activities had to be called off as the police proved unable or unwilling to deal with the violence. A small pro-Israel demonstration had to be called off in the same city due to threats. Only days ago a similar mob, almost certainly involving many of the same people, invaded a construction site where a railway station is due to be built and attacked the police when challenged. One policeman was repeatedly struck while lying on the ground. He was badly injured.

In recent weeks the new Freiheit (Freedom) party, which is affiliated with Geert Wilders' PVV, has been establishing regional branches in the various German states. Numerous violent incidents have been recorded. In one, a Freiheit party stall was overturned and a Freiheit member was attacked and injured.

The PRO movement is another part of the growing Counterjihad mobilisation in Germany. Originating as PRO-Cologne, a group formed spontaneously to protest against plans to build a mosque, it has since spread to other parts of the country and presented candidates for election. Several candidates from the PRO-Deutschland movement were due to speak at a commemoration event on 17 June, a day on which the victims of Communism are traditionally remembered. It was on 17 June 1953 that the people of East Berlin rose up against the Communist dictatorship, only to be butchered en masse by Soviet tanks and army divisions. The left still operates in the same way today. On 17 June 2011, leftist militants using knuckle-dusters attacked those attending the event. Two PRO-Deutschland candidates were badly hurt and required medical treatment. The picture above shows one of them. When police intervened against the leftists, they, too, were attacked.

All shall be well, however. The newly installed Socialist-Green government in the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia recently promised to set up advice centres for the victims of "right-wing" violence.


Ralph Lynn said...

Shocking stuff. The Party are prepared to go to any lengths for their empire of social justice, equality and human rights, eh? Antifa must be getting cider for life.

The PRO movement sounds inspiring, I'm going to look into that.

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