Monday, 20 June 2011
This year the Times has been running a series of stories about the Muslim rape/grooming gangs. For that it is to be commended, even if the news only reached the mainstream national press ten years or so after it had become fairly common knowledge. However, the Times is massively censoring comments on these stories. In fact, for many of them, the comment facility is disabled entirely. Here is a statement the Times' "Community Editor" made about it in the comment thread today:

Dear All,

I would like to thank those readers who have recognised the strength of feeling surrounding this issue and have continued to debate this story fairly and even-handedly.

However, I would like to remind everyone that disparaging remarks, or allegations against, entire groups of people that share a religion, race or ethnicity is not something we feel has a place on The Times website. Comments that generalise in this way will not be passed.

We understand this is an extremely sensitive topic, but would urge readers to consider the fairness of the comments they are choosing to submit.

Best wishes,

Joanna Geary
Community Editor

Needless to say, among the comments censored are any which attempt to point out any connections between the practice of child abuse and a certain religion of peace whose founder "married" a 6-year-old girl and whose bogus "revelations" explicitly endorse the keeping of sex slaves.

Here is one of the comments that made it through:

Every single time my girlfriend visited a certain town here in the Northwest (for family reasons) she was repeatedly sexually harassed and followed by Asian men. Now it's happening to her teenage sister. Both of them now will no longer go there. None of this has been reported to the police and this is just two girls. I imagine the scale of it is much, much larger than we realise.

All I know is that something is SERIOUSLY wrong with this country when white women cannot walk their own streets because of a very real fear of being the target of a sexual attack.


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