Thursday, 23 June 2011
Scepticism, disquiet and asking awkward questions to be phased out.

Detach yourself from history. Never mind the accumulated wisdom of our great men or the struggles and sacrifices of our ancestors. Forget the Age of Reason. Forget Democracy. The multi culti wet dream will be injected into your brain stem, bypassing the basic survival mechanism, countermanding the recognition, before it's knowledge, that your head will leave your shoulders NOW, if you don't MOVE.

The idealogue is now in ascendency. Their plans branch out into the future, regulating all innovation and creativity. The agenda is immutable. The Party is now the nexus of all that can be imagined. All leads to it and all from it.

From the 2010 Annual Report on ECRI's Activities, as reported at ANSAmed* website 16th June:

"Racism has become widespread, consolidated and 'legitimised' in Europe, fostered by the rise of extreme right-wing parties and referendums on religious minorities and foreigners. This is an synthesis of the alarm raised by the Council of Europe in the commission's report against racism and intolerance published today. According to the ECRI commission document, in 2010 racist and intolerant speech and behaviours ceased definitively to be solely the domain of extremist and marginal groups in European societies. Over the past year growing electoral success was achieved by extreme right-wing parties in many European states, accompanied by an ever more frequent use of xenophobic arguments by political leaders and a worrisome increase in referendums against religious minorities and foreigners. Faced with this legitimisation of intolerance and racism aimed at minorities, whether the latter be the Roma ethnic group, immigrants, or Muslim, ECRI says that the current laws prohibiting ''hate speech'' are no longer adequate. According to the Council of Europe body, members of parliament must take on a clear ethical code which makes it ''impossible'' to make use of racist speech, and that all parties and politicians voluntarily sign a document obliging them to adhere to ''good practices''. ECRI has also warned of the danger inherent in the ever-more widespread speeches based on the idea that some communities are so different form each other that they cannot live together.

''This ideology,'' reports ECRI, ''threatens social cohesion as much as the ideology based on racial superiority.''

The whole crazy, mixed up thing can be read here:

So, there you have it. If you happen to be of the opinion that importing islam en-masse into Europe is the height of political folly, the crassest act of civilizational self negation EVER; well you'd better put a sock in it. Those thoughts are waycist! Shake hands with the imam. Whoops, left hand! Reach over the abyss for a group hug with the abysmal..

No expression of concern with islams self declared aim of conquering Europe, or it's disinclination to follow the norms of British and European society will be allowed. Don't offer counter criticism of islams avowed contempt for our civilization. Oh no. Call the cops.

The EU (shouldn't we just call it The Party?)via it's ECRI quango is proposing a ramping up of sanctions (2 years in prison, hefty fine, career ruin. Is it enough?) and a redoubling of individual member states efforts to counter ghastly ethno-centrism. It calls, despite the cuts, for the protection of 'the budgets of national specialised bodies to combat racism and racial discrimination.' So, Sir Trev, your job is safe, you may continue helping the natives adjust to their disinheritance.

My disinclination to follow the morons lining the suits of The Party's self selected oligarchy is total.

Legitimate (for now) political parties, with real things to say about real problems are going to have a tough time ahead. The report laments:

"...racism and intolerance are no longer limited to the fringes of society. This is evidenced by the electoral success of extreme right-wing parties in a number of
member States in 2010; the holding, on a worryingly regular basis, of referenda targeting non-citizens and religious minorities and, unfortunately, their outcome; and the increasing use of xenophobic and anti-Muslim arguments by mainstream political leaders. Legal means alone do not seem sufficient to counter this trend."

Bloody populists, dread demos, deplorable plebs. The career nazi hunters of Searchlight have it made. Gift more grants to the flash mobs of antifa. Squats in the best part of town. Cellars full of cider. The pick of the litter. The finest string.

Being clued up about the true nature of islam, the totality of it's miserable history and it's devastating implications for all of us is no use, bureaucrats want to limit political discourse and tolerance will be enforced. You will bow to liberal dogma. No diversity of opinion can be allowed in diverse Europe.

"As ECRI has repeatedly stated, integration is a twoway process, based on mutual recognition, which bears no relation to assimilation. That migrants and persons with a migration background feel empowered to make certain demands related to the preservation of distinct group identities is a sign of successful integration. Many of these demands must be accepted because they are in
accordance with the law, while others can be reasonably accommodated. Dealing with the majority’s reactions, which sometimes take the form of racism and intolerance, should be seen as part of democratic States’ responsibilities."

If you are of the opinion that Europe is being colonized by islam, shut it. That thought is proscribed. A free pass has been given to the Submitters who have our capital cities, our regional centres and seats on the legislature. It is an enabling bill for our own decapitation. Our consciences and our attachment to who we are; now to be offered up for sacrifice, by our usurpers to the colonists, who in turn will usurp. You may not detach the pincers from your skull. The barb in your thigh stays. You may not extract the poison. Let the gangrene run it's course.

Bureaucracy has a tin ear, backs losers, has no spirit, paves over beauty, rewards failure and is impressed by charlatans. It will cave in to bullying Sandsters and allow ingress of plague into Europe's bloodstream while feeding stumpy revenants moats from the eyes of toddlers denounced by nursery nurses with a Level 1 Pass in Hitler Spotting.

Europe's swine will be deported to China before our masters wake up to their mistakes and by then our Grand Edifices will be replaced with puny follies. Monuments to the Fallen will be hollowed out and filled with hair and nail clippings, Superstar Muezzin will be in it's 10th year on al BBC and sand will flow from our taps.

*ANSAmed - EuroMed - Eurabia


Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Wow. A "worrisome increase in referendums". Increasingly, the utopians are having to come out openly as being against democracy itself. Of course we always knew that, but it's nice to have it conclusively exposed.

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