Monday, 6 June 2011
To deal with the problems the mass immigration of recent years has caused, we need to develop a new legal concept of citizenship: probationary citizenship. The idea is that immigrants and their descendants are not granted citizenship outright, but on probation. During the probationary period - let's say 100 years - the immigrants and their descendants will enjoy all the rights of other British citizens but will also face special legal burdens.

For example, they will have a duty to demonstrate loyalty to Britain and acceptance of the British way of life that other citizens do not face. That way, anyone holding up a placard with a message like "Sharia for the UK" will be charged with an offence under this law. Immigrants or descendants who commit crimes of a certain level of gravity will also be in breach. When an immigrant, or a descendant of an immigrant, breaches the duty of loyalty and acceptance, they and every member of their family (the degree of separation can be debated but I would suggest it should be wide, taking in cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.) should be removed from the country forthwith.

As on the question of involuntary Muslim repatriation, arrangements could be made with a country in Africa to accept the undesirables. Britain should even consider purchasing territory from a country in Africa (or simply invading and occupying it, but purchase is probably simpler) in order to create a new country there, which could then be used as an outlet for undesirables, much as Australia was before.

This probationary citizenship should be applied to all future immigrants as well as retrospectively to those who have come here within the last 100 years, also applying to their descendants of course.

Jobs in sensitive areas, such as immigration control, should be reserved to full British citizens and barred to those who are merely probationary citizens.


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