Tuesday, 7 June 2011
Some people entertained fond hopes that the New Prevent strategy would take a more realistic approach to tackling Islamic extremism. If the Telegraph's preview of the new approach is accurate, those hopes appear to be without foundation.

The article contains a quote from the new paper whose political correctness is simply breath-taking:

Previous Prevent work has sometimes given the impression that Muslim communities as a whole are more ‘vulnerable’ to radicalisation than other faith or ethnic groups.

Hahaha! So they're now going to pretend this is not so? And note the word 'vulnerable' that makes the aggressors seem like the victims.

Instead of giving money (jizya) to Muslim organisations in general, they're now going to propagandise convicted Muslim terrorists with "counter-narrative products":

As a result work will be “significantly scale up” within Britain’s prisons networks and will specifically target newly released prisoners serving sentences for terrorism offences.

The initiative comes as the Home Office pledges to reform the messages put out by the formerly secretive Research, Information and Communications Unit (RICU).

RICU, it says, will be expected to offer “much sharper and more professional counter-narrative products” involving a “wider range of credible civil society partners”.


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