Thursday, 23 June 2011
THE HAGUE, 23/06/11 - There will be no ban on the unanaesthetised slaughter of animals that is carried out in Jewish and Islamic abattoirs. The Lower House majority that earlier existed for such a ban has evaporated.

The Lower House wants unanaesthetised ritual slaughter to remain possible after all, providing Jews and Muslims can show that this does not cause more suffering for animals than anaesthetised slaughter. Labour (PvdA) and centre-left D66 have received support from the conservatives (VVD) and leftwing Greens (GroenLinks) for a plan giving the abattoirs a year and a half to demonstrate that their method of slaughter is animal-friendly. If they do not succeed, then there could be a ban after all.

PvdA and D66 did earlier back a proposed bill from the Party for Animals (PvdD) on a ban of unanaesthetised slaughter. But under pressure from their Islamic supporters, both parties went back on this.

The VVD also began to have doubts. Its honorary member and former party leader Frits Bolkestein vehemently opposed the PvdD proposal, defending the Jewish tradition.

The Christian parties CDA, ChristenUnie and SGP also put forward an amendment to the PvdA bill yesterday. Under this amendment, unanaesthetised ritual slaughter would be banned unless a licence had been awarded for this.

CDA, ChristenUnie and SGP want abattoirs to be able to obtain a licence if the slaughtering process is under the constant supervision of a vet. Additionally, the animal has to have lost consciousness 45 seconds at most after having its throat cut. The vet can still stun the animal if he finds animal welfare is being damaged.



Shaunantijihad said...

Is is that animal must be bled, or is it the suffering itself that Allah requires?

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