Friday, 24 June 2011
It is clear that Europe is being demographically conquered by Muslims. In most European countries, however, the military continues to be dominated by the indigenes. We can hope when the crunch comes, and of course it will, the military will do the right thing and side with their own people against the invaders. It seems that France may have made a fatal mistake, however, in allowing significant penetration of its military by the Mohammedans.

This is a translation of a post on, which is just a series of quotes from various articles and reports. All the quotes are given there with links to their original sources.

This is shocking stuff. I didn't know there had been a Muslim rebellion on a French aircraft carrier!

• And if there was a conflict between France and Algeria ? Aïcha, dressed in army clothes, cannot imagine making war against his own people: “In my head, I am Algerian, I don’t feel French. For me, the army is not about standing up for a nation, it’s about finding a job.”

• A Defence Ministry report from January 2007 mentions “the intransigent and demanding attitude turning to provocation” of the JFOM (jeunes Français d’origine maghrébine) [Young Frenchmen of North African Origin] and the “super-delinquency even at the heart of their regiment.”

• A young French parachute officer recounts how, in his unit, the JFOM (jeunes Français d’origine maghrébine) spend their days in the barracks drinking beer while watching porno films and on the slightest remark, they make a complaint to the commanding officer denouncing the racism of the officer who, summoned by the colonel, is obliged to withdraw the disciplinary measure.

• A Saint-Cyr[French military academy], consideration is being given to putting in place a system inspired by that of Sciences-Po [elite French university for the governing class] and its agreements with schools in priority education zones. “The aim is to one day be be able to call a general Ben Babrouf or a Colonel Mohammed”

• In the navy, the officers will not quickly forget the 1999 mutiny on board the aircraft carrier Foch. Sixty volunteer soldiers, all with North-African parents, took their officer hostage. After being entrenched for 2 days in the aircraft carrier’s cafeteria, they had to be dislodged by a marine commando team. These “North Africans” were reacting to a collective punishment imposed after a rebellion that occurred during a mission off the coast of Yugoslavia during which Super-Etendards had carried out strikes on Kosovo, which the Muslim recruits considered a Muslim sanctuary.

• The young “Frenchmen” of North African origin are responsible for 3.5 times more desertions, 6 times more refusals to obey an order, 6 times more insults to a superior officer and 8 times more acts of insubordination.

• The head Muslim chaplain in the French military is organising the next pilgrimage to Mecca for about forty soldiers and a team of chaplains. The project is close to his heart.



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